Choose Your Financing Plan

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BestBuy Plan

First and Last as Upfront Security Deposit
Two‐payment security deposit.
Monthly payments.
Deposit may be surrendered to own the equipment at end of term.

No doc fee, no app fee.

Factors (below) are multiplied times total cost to calculate monthly payment amount.

TermRate Factors
24 Months.0487
36 Months.0344
48 Months.0276
60 Months.0237
5-Year Example

$10,000 x .0237 = $237.00/mo.

Deposit up front: $688.00. 34 remaining payments. Deposit may be surrendered as full payment for the equipment. Start to finish, 36 total payments.

Baker’s Dozen Plan

(13 Monthly Payments)

Payments are calculated by dividing the equipment cost by 12.

Security deposit equal to one payment is due up front, then pay 12 regular monthly payments.

At the end of the term, simply surrender the security deposit to own the equipment.

No doc fee, no app fee.


$10,000 ÷ 12 = $833.33/mo.

Deposit up front: $833.33, then 12 monthly payments of $833.33.